Friday, April 3, 2015

"Hammer" portrait

Here is the latest pet portrait of "Hammer"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Commissioning a Painting

Commissioning a Painting from me, is a very personal experience. It's not just a painting for me, it becomes much more than a project.

One of the first things I need is a high resolution photograph. I prefer to work from my own photographs, but that isn't always possible. The better the photograph shows details, the better the painting will be. I can do all sorts of "magic" and change out backgrounds and take out unwanted items, etc. I can work from multiple photographs and use them as reference material.

When you commission me to paint for you, I will come to you and take photos of your pet, horse, or child. Then I will return to my drawing tablet and make a selection and send you a digital proof to approve before the painting process begins.

I'm currently painting using Corel Painter, using oils and acrylics, so I produce my final artworks onto canvas. You can opt to have words printed on the edge of the canvas, or I can create painted edges to match your painting.

If I've forgotten anything about this process, please forgive me. I'm writing this without sending it to a professional copywriter and examining it over and over.

I accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover. I will work with you on payments, not to worry. And if you are close enough for me to deliver the painting in person, then I would love to see your face when you see the painting for the first time. ~Taunya

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Painting Doggies

This is my latest painting...with modifications. It will be 24 x 30 on canvas. What a joy it was to paint these three doggies.